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Our clients, students, and partners have been asking for something like Howitzer since we started offering Reddit marketing services in 2014. Before Howitzer, the process was clumsy, expensive, and time consuming. Thanks to Howitzer, we can scale the highly personal interactions that have been monumentally successful for years.
With Howitzer, we can see the world in an entirely new light.
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Brian Swichkow
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The difference is that Reddit Direct Messages (known as ‘private messages’) is the old way of communication on Reddit, and they look and feel like an email inside of Reddit’s platform.
The Reddit chat is the new way of communicating on Reddit, and it supports real time communication, sending pictures, gifs and much more.

Be a human. You cannot expect to sell through a single cold message sent to someone you don’t know.
You can sell by being a real person and engaging in a real conversation with your leads. Howitzer just automates the process of finding your potential leads on Reddit and kickstarting the conversations. You handle the communication, and convert your leads to customers through real conversations.
We have a written a blog post about the best practices in writing Reddit messages that convert.

Howitzer is a marketing tool founded by Nikola Velkovski, Stefan Kotevski and Tomislav Jurukovski. It’s built by a team of eleven highly motivated people with a huge vision.
Howitzer Inc., is a VC-backed startup that raised $500,000 investment, in a pre-seed round led by Day One Capital from Budapest. Howitzer is not an official feature of Reddit Inc., and we are not connected with Reddit Inc. in any way.

Howitzer’s messaging feature has moved to private. Now, you can use Howitzer to extract potential leads from Reddit using our two search features (target by keywords and whole target subreddits). We are doing this change because we want to focus on our bigger vision entirely. We are working on creating top-notch solutions that will change the marketing landscape and help businesses reach their product market fit easily. Currently, we are building two new super awesome tools:

  • A LinkedIn automation tool, called It’s a marketing tool that works like Howitzer, but for LinkedIn. Having all of our experience automating Reddit, we started experimenting with LinkedIn. We found a way to go beyond the weekly LinkedIn limits, and send (theoretically) an unlimited number of connection requests. We explored the top 5 LinkedIn automation tools out there and extracted the great features all of them have, and packed them into a Howitzer-like UX dashboard, building the most sophisticated (and yet really simple to use) LinkedIn automation tool.
  • An advanced version of Howitzer. Internally, we call it a ‘Hyper-targeted prospecting & platform outreach tool’. It’s a marketing automation tool that allows you to scrape the top-notch tech-savvy social platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, ClubHouse, ProductHunt, Indie Hackers, and more), build lists of potential customers (prospects), and reach out to them through chat, on the social platforms they are mostly active on.
Stay tuned for more upcoming news!

Within a few minutes, you can create lists of users just by using keyword targeting and whole subreddit targeting features. Choose keywords that are relevant to your use case and Howitzer will create a list of users, who posted or/and commented using those keywords in relevant subreddits. There are additional options that will help you to create more reliable lists of users, such as: posted or commented on option, positive/negative sentiment, and specific time frame.

Once your list is created, prepare personalized messages and start communicating with your audience. Unlike other social media platforms, communication on Reddit is not directly focused on sales. Be human and nurture communication with your leads on meaningful topics. We recommend sending no more than 50 messages per day per account.

Every day, 1533 new subreddits are created. There are around 138,000 active subreddits right now. Reddit has a reported 52 million daily active users. Reddit`s potential hasn`t yet been utilized as a marketing channel properly. Therefore, Howitzer enables you to find new potential leads for your product/service in hundreds of smaller communities named subreddits. Users are able to post and comment on the topic of interest and share their experiences.

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